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Our mission :

Children are the unwitting victims of poverty, civil upheaval, war and disease. An overwhelming number of children are abandoned, orphaned, abused and live on the streets of major cities. The care of vulnerable children and Widows is therefore among the primary concerns of HERO Family Foundation.

Medical Mission

- We conduct blood donation campaigns monthly to various hospitals in the country.

- We afford the medicine for free to people in need who cannot afford to buy it.

- We raise money for people with difficult debt problems who need emergency operations.

Donation services

We help groups of orphans and Widows who are not allowed to work and do not have a source to fund themselves, We are here to offer them donations periodically.

We also help pupils financially to get through their studies.

Entertainment activisties

Our fundamental aim is to bring a smile on the face of orphans and neglected people as well as developing their talents. Our activities include the organization of a mini- circus with a pantomime and acrobatic performances which are inspired by theatrical short stories. In addition to distributing rewards and gifts such as storybooks, novels, clothes, games and others.


HERO FAMILY CHARITY is an organization which improves the lives of children and families who live in extreme poverty in one of the poorest countries in Africa. The organization's main goals are :

The organization's goals :
    - taking care of orphan chilren and provide them with monthly guarantees.
    - Taking care of children With handicapped situations.
    - Helping orphan and poor children by providing them with financial aids, assistance, guide, and working on bringing joy and happiness in their life.
    - Helping orphan students in their educational careers.
    - Funding accommodation for parents to stay overnight.
    - Providing poor breastfeeding mothers with nutritional assistance and aid.
    - Supporting families with health difficulties by providing their hospital expenses.
    - Blood donation.

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Our Key Features


Have you got a heart to help others but time is the obstruction? Then become our sponsors for the childrens and social programmes and event that we organize regularly for donating the orphans, needy and widows.


You can support us financially. Just donate us any amount and it will be consumed by the needed one to make the society happier.


Join us on the way to spread happiness and eradicate sorrow from the people's. Just try being selfless and let's help the one who is helpless.