HERO Family is a name who has occupied greatly recently morrocans, especially electronic morrocans , so this name has become known to everyone. Some aren't with and some are with , while this success does not accept two differences.

Hero Family is a Facebook group created to bring together young people regardless of their origins, ideas, livelihoods, or living areas. It suffices to see groupings of these young people, who are united only by one group, and who live in harmony and harmony, to see how successful the group is.

The group went out of Facebook to receive the real world, and that only increased success in the initiative. Initiatives were launched to help the needy, gatherings for the mass breakfast in Ramadan ... Then any member of the group can ask for help from others if he finds himself in a city other than his city, to use it or help him to fulfill his needs. Inevitably, it is truly a family.

To signal, all that we do is just voluntary and non-profit business and we don't receive any contributions from any party, all expenses are sponsored by the members of the group, as all of this members from the middle and poor class, and most of them are just students.

This is why we created this site to receive financial help from generous people who love good for others and spread smile on their faces.

You can also contribute with us and help these needy people, even for a small amount, and they will be grateful to you for life.

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Medical Mission

- We conduct blood donation campaigns monthly to various hospitals in the country.

- We afford the medicine for free to people in need who cannot afford to buy it.

- We raise money for people with difficult debt problems who need emergency operations.

Donation services

We help groups of orphans and Widows who are not allowed to work and do not have a source to fund themselves, We are here to offer them donations periodically.

We also help pupils financially to get through their studies.

Entertainment activisties

Our fundamental aim is to bring a smile on the face of orphans and neglected people as well as developing their talents. Our activities include the organization of a mini- circus with a pantomime and acrobatic performances which are inspired by theatrical short stories. In addition to distributing rewards and gifts such as storybooks, novels, clothes, games and others.